Posted by: Dani Delaware | April 3, 2009

Welcome to Delaware

Are you here because you love Delaware as much as I do? Are you just here because you want to learn everything you can about the greatest state in the U.S.? Either way, you came to the right place.

Scroll down if you can’t wait to see some photos of our beautiful scenery, or keep reading if you want the facts first.

Where To Go for Information

There are a lot of other sites with general information about Delaware. They aren’t as good as this one, but you might want to check them out anyway.

Here is a link to the Wikipedia article on Delaware. It is full of the same typical fare you’d expect from Wikipedia – a little button you can click to hear how to pronounce “Delaware” properly, the altitude of the highest point in the State in both feet (447.85) and meters (136.5), all that sort of thing. If that’s the only information you were looking for you’re probably better off just getting it there.

The Delaware state government also has a website. You can probably find out how to pay parking tickets or get tax forms there if that’s what you’re after. If you want to find out how to contact your parole officer, or about jury duty, or the location of the courts or the names of the judges, you can visit the Delaware State Courts site. The state only has one law school, Widener Law. The fact that the state’s only law school is actually part of Pennsylvania-based Widener University really shows you just how small this state is. You can also read up on actual Delaware law cases if that is what interests you. Actually, if you have such a keen interest in all this legal stuff then you’re probably up to no good and I’m not so sure I want you visiting my state after all. Let’s move on.

As great as those sites are, they don’t have the REALLY good information that you can find only on this site. For example, those sites don’t mention that famous television actress Valerie Bertinelli is a Delawarean. You also won’t find any mention of the fact that pioneer woman scientist and astrophysicist Annie Jump Cannon and Vice President Joe Biden are both Delawareans.

Those sites also don’t mention significant historical facts about Delaware. For example, they don’t note that Delaware was the first state admitted to the United States. It is also the SECOND smallest state, not THE smallest. That distinction belongs to Rhode Island. They also don’t mention that famous “Virginian” and former President of the United States Thomas Jefferson was actually born in Delaware. If you want the REALLY useful information, be sure to come here for it.

I’ll be adding more information to this site frequently so be sure to visit again soon. Last but not least, here are some of the pictures of our beautiful scenery that I promised.